My Favorite Products for Lip Color

Bubbles and Stone // My Favorite Products for Lip Color // Revlon // e.l.f. // Maybelline Baby Lips // BeautyCounter

Hi everyone! This is a quick short post on what my favorite products for lip color are. When it comes to great long lasting color, I am very partial to tinted lip balms, crayons, and lipsticks. After much trial and error from the end of my senior year of high school and throughout college, I have learned that these products work best for me.

My number one favorite product is Revlon’s Balm Stain (or Colorburst), which I use daily. When you apply it, as the name implies, it feels as light as lip balm. This means that you won’t get that thick waxy feeling like you do with lipstick. What I love about the Balm Stain is that the color will stay on for over 8 hours. Even with you wiping your lips with a napkin, most of the color stays on (and I am a big and messy eater too!) Also, it is very inexpensive and found at any local drug store.

Second, my next picks are the tinted lip balms. These are used to keep my lips moisturized, while maintaining the color from the Balm Stain throughout the day (I like to have tinted lip balms that closely matches the Balm Stain color). First is the e.l.f. Lip Kiss Balm. Once applied, the colors are bold and deep like a lipstick. Whereas Maybelline’s Baby Lips are more sheer but provide a subtle tint for those days I don’t want to have bold colors. Some days, I like wearing either of these by themselves for a less dramatic pop of color.

Lastly, I have discovered the BEST lipstick in the world through Beautycounter. Prior to discovering the Balm Stain, lipsticks were part of my daily makeup routine, because I love how the colors pop. However, my biggest complaint about lipsticks is that it feels like a thick paste, weighing down on your lips. And when it is not on your lips, its smearing everywhere you don’t want it to be. But not this one! There is no waxy feeling and is light like lip balm. The color stays on well and is bold and deep. However, to be honest, it is quite pricey, but for a good reason. They believe in staying away from harmful ingredients that are common in most make up products. These ingredients are currently banned in the European Union, but not in the US. You can read more about it here and their mission.

At the bottom of this page are the links to the lip products, so you have an idea of what they look like and how much they sell for. In the parentheses, I will provide my go to color of these products.

What are you favorite products? I am always open to suggestions!

Bubbles and Stone // My Favorite Products for Lip Color // Beautycounter
Beautycounter lipstick (color: currant)
Bubbles and Stone // My Favorite Products for Lip Color
Revlon (color: crush) as base. e.l.f. (color: berry sweet) for reapplication. Sometimes I like to use Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue (color: soothing sorbet), but it is only available via Amazon 🙁

Revlon Balm Stain (crush) | e.l.f. Lip Kiss Balm (berry sweet) | Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue (soothing sorbet)

Beautycounter Sheer Lips (currant)

Thanks for reading 🙂

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