The Ultimate Guide to Reno

Ultimate Guide to Reno NV: the biggest little city in the world

Hello everyone! This is the ultimate guide to Reno, Nevada. Here, I will list a few of my favorite activities that you can do or places where you can eat or drink. However, before I move on, I should dispel a few common misconceptions about Reno. First, it is not in a desert, meaning that it is no where near Las Vegas. If anything, it is the closest town to Lake Tahoe. Also, Reno is not home of cops with short shorts as portrayed in the hysterical Reno 911. Although, it would be pretty cool to see one in action, running ridiculously around the streets. Finally, unless if you want to face the wrath of a local, it is prounced “neh-VADD-a” not “neh-vah-DA” (I hope you all imagined that in Hermione Granger’s voice).

Now you all have passed the Reno 101 course! Or should I call it Reno 911…

Anyway, these are just a few things I came up with. Comment below to let me know what your favorites are!

What to Do

Visit Lake Tahoe any time of the year

Lake Tahoe is one of the best gems that is just outside of Reno. It is perfect to visit year round. In the summer, you can swim in its crystal clear waters. And when I say crystal clear, I mean it looks like it went through a Brita about 100 times, so  you can see everything at the bottom of the lake. There are trails around the lake that you could go on and explore the area.

Snowshoeing in Tahoe // Chickadee Ridge // Jessie's Peak // Lake Tahoe // Nevada

Go snowboarding, skiing or snowshoeing in the winter

Once winter hits and there is fresh snow on the ground, Reno officially entered snowboarding/skiing season. There are many cool spots to hit up. A local favorite is North Star. If you are not so much a winter sport athlete or prefer a more mild for of exercise, then snowshoeing is for you! One of the spots that I like is the Chickadee Ridge trail (or Jessie’s Peak). This is a short 2 mile walk uphill for you to get an amazing view of Lake Tahoe (you can read more about snowshoeing here).

Snowshoeing at Chickadee Ridge // Jessie's Peak // Lake Tahoe, NV

Go check out Midtown

Midtown is an up and coming spot in Reno. It is now filled with a lot of art and culture as well as plenty of dining and shopping. One of the coolest places to hang out in Midtown is The Basement. This spot used to be a historic post office, but the city changed it into a quaint marketplace. It still has the charm and old pieces from the post office. This place has everything you can imagine: boxing gym, barbershop, chocolate store, men’s and women’s apparel, and a food court set up like a cafeteria. You can drink your coffee in one hand and a locally crafted IPA in the other hand.

The Basement // Midtown // Reno, NV

Hang out at a brewery

Reno now has many breweries that popped up recently, and frankly, I don’t think there is a bad choice! One of the original breweries that a local recommended to me is Silver Peak. It also has a restaurant for those who love to snack with a cold one.

The Basement // Midtown // Reno, NV

What to Eat/Drink

All you can eat sushi

OH MY GOD. This has to be one of my favorite things about Reno. For all you sushi lovers, Reno has the best sushi in the country. Okay, I know that other places in the US have amazing sushi too, but hear me out. First, this whole town has AYCE sushi. Second, the quality of the fish is amazing. From my experience AYCE sushi quality is usually mediocre but not in Reno! And lastly, Nevada specializes in this kind of roll called “crystal shrimp,” which is essentially deep fried shrimp mixed in with an amazing creamy sauce.  This is hands down my favorite roll ever, and it doesn’t even have raw fish! Steven and I miss having good sushi so much that we had it for 3 out of 7 nights! Yes we cray.

And also, I recommend going to Jazmine. What I loved from there was the 5 spice chicken wings, the fay-fay roll (which is crystal shrimp, cooked scallops, and sriracha), and the inside out shrimp (which is crystal shrimp rolled in a cooked shrimp).

Website: Jasmine Reno

Crystal shrimp // Jazmine // Reno, NV

salmon nigiri // Jazmine // Reno, NV five spice chicken wings // Jazmine // Reno, NV

All you can eat buffet

Another thing that Nevada is great at is buffet. Any buffet is a great choice! The one we went to this past trip was at Atlantis for brunch on Sunday morning. Other than breakfast food, they also had a variety of seafoods, Asian cuisine, Mexican, American, and a dessert bar. I loaded my plate with oysters – okay probably 2.5 solid plates to be exact (had to get my monies worth!).

Website: Atlantis Toucan Charlie’s Buffet

Atlantis brunch buffet // Reno, NV

Peg’s Glorified Ham and Eggs

This is a local favorite for brunch. They give out massive quantities of delicious and amazing food. So far, everything I have had there has been spot on. One of my favorites are the Hawaiian plates, which usually consist of a mix of spam, Portuguese sausages, white rice, eggs, and mac salad. On this past trip, I got the Chef’s George Bene, which is chorizo eggs benedict. Steven’s favorite is the Peg’s Glorfied Huevos Ranchero with Brad’s sausage patty (the Brad’s are an off menu item).

Website: Peg’s Glorified Ham and Eggs

Chef George's Bene // Peg's Glorified Ham and Eggs // Reno, NV Peg's Huevos Rancheros with Brad's // Peg's Glorified Ham and Eggs // Reno, NV

Bars and Taprooms

As you know now, Reno has a bit of a beer scene. There are a lot of great places to hang out with your friends and a couple cold ones. One spot is Beer NV, which has 62 beers on tap as displayed on an electronic menu at the bar. What’s so cool about this place is that you can see how much of that beer is left in that keg on the screen. Also, if you download and app, you can order from your phone! The atmosphere is very fun and relaxed. A second place that is our friends’ favorite is Piñon Bottle Co. It is definitely smaller, but they have great beers on tap. What so cool about these two places are that they allow you to order food from restaurants that are next door to them and eat them with your drinks. For example, next door to Piñon is Noble Pie (they have AMAZING parmesan garlic fries), which serves pizzas and more. When you order something from Noble Pie, they will walk it over to Piñon! Win win.

Website: Beer NV and Piñon

Beer NV // Reno, NV

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