Holiday Red in New England

Location: Massachusetts
Featured: Armani Jeans dress

Can you guy believe it? Christmas is in 9 days! Since I could not take work off for the holidays, I decided to go home back to see my family in early December. I’m always excited to go back to Massachusetts. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my home state. It has a very charming New England vibe and yet rough around the edges due to the spirited, no-nonsense locals. During the summers, beautiful beaches along the coast will be within your reach, and in the fall, cheery, golden or red autumn trees will greet you on every street. Yes, we do have brutal winters, where a massive amount of snow gets dumped on us all at once, but it is not that bad. As long as you are not living in Boston – like I did when we had the record breaking 6 feet plus of snow – it’s manageable.

Oh, and did I mention we have the best sport teams on Earth?  No matter where I go, I am a Boston girl to the core. I love you Tom Brady!


This is a bit fancier holiday look for those who are going to more formal events. I have always been drawn to red dresses. The color is so bold that you can wear a simple cut dress and still stand out from the crowd (unless if someone else is wearing red as well, but that’s when accessories make the biggest difference!). For this dress, I decided to pair it with a simple gold bar necklace to pull it all together. I went with the black tights and shoes, because it was cold in Massachusetts that day. However, if it had been a few degrees warmer, I would have ditched the jacket, tights, and booties and traded them in for classic pumps.





Banana Republic coat and Chanel Flap bag

Jacket: Banana Republic | Dress: Armani Jeans | Necklace: Forever21 | Bag: Chanel | Shoes: Kenneth Cole via DSW

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