Day at the Museum with the Perfect Blue Jeans

Location: Weisman Art Museum
Featured: Topshop Jeans

Before the polar vortex could swoop in and take over Minnesota (Side note: it’s going to be max of 10 degrees this week, falling into the negatives. Brrr. Hibernation anyone?), Steven and I decided to take advantage of this nice fall weather and do some exploring. On this day, we went to the Weisman Art Museum, which is free and run by the university. Before we even walked inside to see artwork,  we noticed that the building itself was art. It has a very funky and modern architectural style. The structure is made completely out of metal, reflecting the blue sky and almost blending into the horizon. Beyond the building, we could see the amazing Minneapolis skyline with the new U.S. Bank Stadium standing proudly in the distance.


For all of you ladies who have a hard time finding a pair of jeans that fit you right, my solution is Topshop’s “The Leigh.” The issue that I have when buying jeans is that I can’t seem to find a pair that fits both my bum and my hips simultaneously. For the longest time, my solution was to buy a pair that fit my bum but was loose on my hips, and I had to compromise and wear a belt to keep my pants up. However, I always end up looking like a frumpy mess, so when I discovered Topshop jeans, my life was forever changed. If you have a similar issue, check out these jeans! Owning a pair of pants that actually fits you right is well worth the investment. I hope you’re as pleased with them as I am.



staring pensively at a painting

After we checked out the museum, Steven and I explored some the University of Minnesota’s campus.  Walking around made me miss my carefree college days. I remember thinking how I couldn’t wait to be done with school, so that exams no longer dictated my schedule. However, now that I am out of school, I wish that I was back in a classroom complaining about the classwork with my friends. The trade off was that as a student, we were guaranteed winter/spring/summer breaks. I guess it’s true that you always want what you don’t have. Or as my dad would say, “The grass is greener on the other side.”  (My dad loves to respond to our stories and complaints with some overused quote. Is this a dad thing??)



Jacket: Banana Republic | Shirt: Pleione via Nordstrom | Jeans: Topshop | Necklace: Primp | Shoes: Primp

Bag: Chanel | Sunglasses: Ray Bans | Belt: H&M

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