Beach Days in Oahu


During my short time in Oahu, I was fortunate enough to have the time to visit the 2 best beaches I have ever laid my eyes on: Lanikai Beach and Hanauma Bay. They’re both so unique but equally breathtaking. Lanikai is a quiet, secluded beach with beautiful white sands, perfect for lounging and watching your worries float away in the horizon. Meanwhile, Hanauma Bay has living coral reef, providing habitat for many species of fish, perfect for the active and adventurous who want to fill their day with snorkeling. Both of these beaches have the clearest blue waters I have ever seen. I wish I could travel back in time to these moments, where all I did was sit on the beach and soak up some sun with the best Spam musubis of the island. Can I just come back to Hawaii and live there forever please?


For both of these days, I wore my Victoria’s Secret cover-up and bathing suits, a hat from a local Minnesotan at the state fair (support your local artists!), Chanel aviators, and my Flying Kenzo tote. I am so sad that Victoria’s Secret has decided to discontinue their swim line, but on the upside, it seems as though their site is still selling stuff for SUPER cheap. So stock up while they still have stuff on their shelves before it’s too late!





When you approach Lanikai, you’ll find that there is no parking lot – at least I didn’t find one – so instead, we parked on a nearby street in a charming Hawaiian neighborhood. As we crossed the main roads, heading towards the shores, we were greeted by a welcoming walkway that allowed us to see a glimmer of the ocean on the horizon at the end of the path. It looked so calm and serene, producing only soft waves. As we quickly scanned the beach for a spot for us to lay, we noticed that Lanikai is a small beach with a very quiet and relaxing atmosphere. It was exactly how I imagined paradise: warm, clear blue ocean with soft powdery white sands. It felt like we were on a private beach since there was so little foot traffic here (this is because tourists can’t reach this destination without a car rental. You will find that there are primarily locals present, so if you’re visiting, rent a car! It’s well worth the trip in my opinion).

After we got situated, Steven went in the water with his snorkeling gear. Shortly, he found either a big boulder or live coral under the water that is a home to lots and lots of fish on the farthest left side of the beach. Steven was very adamant that morning on bringing his snorkeling gear, and good thing he did. Otherwise, we would not have been able to experience this treasure Lanikai had to offer. However, even if we did not have the goggles, I would still consider this visit a success. All I had wanted was to swim in the best beach of Oahu, and I definitely got my wish!





Hanauma Bay must be on your to do list if you ever find yourself in Oahu. However, I do recommend you being there as soon as it opens at 6am. Not only is it free admission for the first hour, but you also have the whole beach to yourself for just a moment and watch the sun rise. As I finally set foot on the sandy shores, I noticed how the land circles around the bay. It felt like we were encapsulated in paradise, like we were in a bubble that locked in everything good about the world and shielded away anything negative from entering. It’s absolutely breathtaking, but as beautiful as it was, we were not there to just look at the ocean. We needed to be in the ocean and see some tropical fish! We rented out snorkeling gear (located down on the beach, not the main entrance) and made our way to the water. There’s so much life in the coral. The fishes all minded their own business and went on with their day as if there weren’t 100 people lurking around their homes. Words can’t describe how unbelievable amazing everything was under the water. You will just have to see it for yourself!

I hope you guys enjoy the pictures. They really don’t capture the perfect beauty of Hawaii, but we tried our best! Thank you Yvonne for all of these pictures that you were willing to share with me since my phone was so broken.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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