Lace Ups, Leather, and Dim Sum


On this fine day, Steven and I decided to go to our favorite dim sum restaurant, Mandarin Kitchen, for brunch. This place was recommended to us by Steven’s hairdresser when we first moved to Minnesota, and we’ve been hooked ever since. My favorite dish that they have has to be the sweet pork buns. The sweet glazed bun perfectly contrasts with the abundant savory pork filling, and I think they do it better than my favorite dim sum restaurant in Boston! Meanwhile, Steven’s favorites are the crab balls, which are the size of a tennis ball that has been deep fried to crunchy perfection (pictured below). You really can’t go wrong with anything they have! I haven’t come across a dish that I did not like, but then again I don’t really venture beyond my staples.

If you have never had dim sum, I highly recommend you try it at least once, especially if you’re a fan of Chinese food. The simplest way for me to describe it is that it’s Chinese tapas for brunch that is pushed around in cart by servers from table to table, and you order as the servers roll up to you. Every restaurant will have the staples, such as dumplings called shumai and har gow, but they will also offer different dishes from their competitors. For example, back in Boston (and somewhere in California I think), one of the dishes I love is the sweet tofu soup. It sounds weird, but it’s essentially sugar in bowl, and I’m a sucker for sweets.


I decided to go with a go with black jeans, black faux leather jacket from Forever21, and of course my baby, the Pandora bag, which I can never seem to let go. To juxtapose this edgy look, I added more girly pieces (Stuart Weitzman lace ups and embellished gray crop top) to soften the overall composition. I had found these adorable shoes on sale at Nordstrom, and I love incorporating it in many of my outfits. They make me feel more like a lady, because they remind me of the ballerina slippers that I’ve dreamt of wearing as a kid. I’ve always wanted to achieve that state of gracefulness that ballerinas seem to possess, but sadly, those who know me can attest that I’m one big uncoordinated, clumsy elephant.








To boost our metabolism after this calorie-busting brunch, we went to explore Minneapolis – actually, we went to find doughnuts and cupcakes. What I appreciate about this lovely city is that it’s not as busy as Boston. For those who know the struggle of driving around in Boston (or even LA, Chicago, and NYC), you will find yourself driving around here with absolute ease. You realize that you can conquer A LOT of your tourist itinerary if you ever decide to venture to the Twin Cities. Also, parking is ten times more manageable, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never strike out. It just means that you’ll strike out less than anticipated, which I can accept.  To think all this time, I practiced my parallel parking as a student in Boston for nothing.

If any of you are from Minneapolis or from Minnesota in general, suggestions for doughnuts and cupcakes are much appreciated!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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