Fall: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Happy Friday guys! I hope you all are enjoying your last day at work, as I endure day 2 of my grueling 7 day stretch, leading up to my most favorite holiday ever: THANKSGIVING. I’ve just realized that I made it sound worse than it really is, but my job is actually pretty cool, considering that it is my dream job. The hardest part of my day is waking up at 4:30 am. The second hardest part of my day is driving for an hour before the sun even rises in the middle of nowhere and praying I don’t hit a deer. Other than that, I love my job!

But enough about my boring adult life. Let’s talk about THANKSGIVING, which is 6 days away from today, if my calculations are correct. The best thing about this holiday is that it’s all about the food, fall season, football, and family, though not necessarily in that order. I wait 365 days for this overly indulgent day, so I can flood my mountains of mash potatoes, turkey, corn, and stuffing with all the gravy I want. I’ll probably go back for an additional plate two-three-four more times until I think my body hates me. Once I’ve reached this stage of total self-hatred, I transition myself to the desserts, trading in my mash potatoes for some apple pie, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, or pecan pie (am I forgetting anything?). I’m hoping that if I switch it up to something sweet, my body will forget that my stomach is on the verge of self-destruction. It’s pretty foolproof, sound logic if you ask me.


It’s still strangely warm here in Minnesota, so I took this opportunity to be in denial that winter is upon us and rock my mustard yellow skirt from H&M. I paired this with a relaxed army green jacket for 2 reasons: to stay with the fall theme and to break up the structured, clean cut lines created by the skirt and top. The rest of my pieces were all black, so that my skirt and jacket could stand on their own.










Fall is such a bittersweet moment. I wish the seasons were spring, summer, fall, and back to spring. Soon, the Minnesotan winter will set in, and I will have to pack up my summer clothes and exchange them for my arctic vortex weather protector aka coat. Gone are the days of shorts and sundresses, but that’s okay. The holidays are around the corner!

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One thought on “Fall: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  1. You forgot about the cranberry sauce and rolls! You can’t have Thanksgiving without them!

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