Como Park Zoo and Conservatory

Hi everyone! Before I delve into my day at the zoo, I want to take this opportunity to thank a few people. First off, thank you all you guys for reading my first post! It means a lot to me that there are few people out there in the world, who are curious enough to read my babbling thoughts. Second, I want to thank my brother for checking my site out to see if it was working fine – even if it was for just two seconds. No bit of work goes unnoticed little brother. And finally, last BUT NOT least, I want to thank my super-amazingly-wonderful partner in crime aka fiance, Steven, for being my photographer and for being so patient, while I attempt to provide him decent candid shots. You are so unbelievably supportive, and as a thank you in return, I will be less hangry from this day forward. Actually, that’s impossible, so hugs and kisses will suffice.

Now onto the zoo.

Steven and I hardly have the same days off of work, but when we do – if we’re not too behind on chores and errands – we try to take the time explore Minnesota. We have only been here for just over a year, and there’s still so much for us to see. On this particular fall Saturday, we decided to go to the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory at St. Paul. It’s free of charge, but donations are encouraged to help this zoo running. What’s so nice about this zoo is that it’s not just a zoo! There are absolutely beautiful gardens as well, so I think it is well worth the visit. Oh, and did I say it’s free?

This is my first time going to a zoo, so I was beyond excited. As a child, I had always imagined myself seeing all of these exotic animals up close and personal at least once in my life before I turned 25. For crying out loud, I lived in the Boston for 6 years, and I still didn’t make it to the Franklin Zoo. I could blame college, but quite truthfully, I have no one else to blame but myself. I am ashamed to admit that I did not make the time to see cute animals when I was a carefree college student. Now that I am an adult and trying to “adult,” I find myself attempting to make up for lost time. Better late than never!


For this day, I wore my comfy navy Spirit long sleeve jersey that I got from Hawaii as souvenir, Topshop jeans, Adidas sneakers, and my favorite Banana Republic trench coat. Usually when I wear something plain, I like to add a statement necklace. This makes the overall look relaxed but still feminine. And of course my trusty Givenchy Pandora bag!

I hope you guys enjoy the pictures 🙂 Unfortunately, there are no pictures with animals since it was so dark and dim inside the zoo itself, but there is a picture with a picture of a gorilla! Close enough.





Me and Harambe

Processed with Snapseed.Okay just one real picture of the cutest little monkey with my phone. How could you not love this face? It’s funny how he sat there staring into space, not a care in the world, while the crowd just oohed and aahed on the other side of the glass. I just want to put him in my pocket and save him for later!

Moving on from the zoo to the conservatory is a smooth transition, since they’re both connected at the entrance. In between the two is a lovely mini “jungle,” if you will. While on the other side of the wall is the brisk fall air and nature preparing for hibernation, this room is warm and muggy, just like a rain forest. Once you go through this heavily green room, you come to a glass door that leads you to the main show, the conservatory. Suddenly, when you walk past the threshold, the mugginess fades and the air becomes lighter. The space is more open and no longer crowded with overgrown leafy ferns. Here, your eyes lay on a beautifully landscaped and artfully done garden. It’s small but still somehow the perfect bubble, shielding us from the outside world. If you don’t feel like leaving anytime soon, don’t worry. There are benches for you to sit and enjoy your own company.






After enjoying the conservatory, Steven and I made our way outside to play in the leaves. I love a good crunch on the ground in the fall. I am grateful that the state I moved to for work is similar to Massachusetts in a sense that fall is absolutely gorgeous. However, it makes me miss little ol’ quaint and charming New England. Sadly we didn’t get to wander off to the other gardens that the Como Park has to offer, because it started to drizzle. So until next time!

Thanks again for reading 🙂


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